The Guide to Buying a Ski Print or Ski Poster of a Pete Caswell Ski Painting

This is the guide to buying a ski print or ski poster of one of Pete Caswell's Ski Paintings and Snowboard Paintings.

First I am going to guide you through the site which you are on where I have simplified the collection to make choosing easier. This site is also aimed primarily at the UK and European market. You can still order off this site if you are a customer from the USA but also see the section at the end.

The prints are listed by country on the home page and once you select the country you can further select the Ski Resort by the "Filter by" Drop down menu where the ski resorts for that country are listed alphabetically.

The cheapest way to buy a ski print especially if you want a big print is to buy it as a poster or print which will come rolled in a tube, from £29. Then you can either put it on the wall as a poster or have it mounted and framed at your local frame shop in a frame of your choice. As a poster this is a nice alternative to the older vintage ski posters and better quality.

The next cheapest way is to buy the ski print is as a canvas stretched over timber stretcher bars. You can either have a white edge to the canvas or you can have it so the print goes around the edge of the canvas frame so it shows round the sides. Just be careful with the image wrapped around the edge as some of the image will be on the edge of the frame and not on the front.

The Last option is to get the ski print mounted and framed in a timber frame. There are 3 frame colours, white, black and natural timber. Frame Sizing - On the ski prints site please note the Framed Print size listed is the size of the glass/perspex. So for mounted prints the size is for the image + mount. For example a mounted 20x24 frame would have a print which is 16x20" (with 2" mount around it). This is different to the way Fine Art America below size the print options (there framed prints sizes are the size of the actual print). So if you are comparing the 2 do take account of the sizing differences.

More info on the Prints & Posters

Buy an Original Ski Painting from £99.
If you haven't found what you are looking for then you have 2 more options. You can purchase an original ski painting listed by ski resort. Some of these are quite expensive, but you get the beauty of an original and all the textures in the painting. To help your budget I have a list here of paintings here cheapest first where you can pick up some of the smaller paintings and sketches at more affordable prices.

Ski Prints from the Back Catalogue  - More Choice & for USA customers.

If you haven't found the specific print you want or need it in a particular finish or are a customer from the USA then you can use the Back Catalogue which is printed by Fine Art America. but do read the shipping info here to check you get local shipping. Here you can order a bigger variety of prints, print sizes, frame choices and substrates etc. If you are a USA customer then this is a good option and the prices are similar although we cannot offer free shipping on this website. A handy option is also to order as a rolled canvas and get you local frame shop to stretch the canvas onto a frame.

Canvas Prints options Back Catalogue. You can order 2 depths of canvas. The thinner bars are 5/8 inch and is slimmer on the wall. It is also a good choice if you want to frame it, as the frames are cheaper and there are more choices. The thicker bars are 1.5inch so looks a little bit chunkier. Most people think this looks better and with mirrored sides you can have the image mirrored around the sides of the canvas so it doesn't need a frame. Black and white edges also look good without a frame. You can choose to also frame the canvas if you live in the USA and this adds a bit of extra impact and also cost. It does look good and highlights the image more, but I personally think it is unnecessary. If you frame it then mirrored sides are not necessary. Gloss or Matt finish. I love a gloss finish but it can reflect the light so the safest choice is a matt finish but it is a personal preference.

Ski Prints from the Back Catalogue  - More Choice & for UK / Europe customers.

If you are a UK or European customer wanting to buy from the Back Catalogue, this is also a good option but you have to be careful to only order a few options. Prints rolled in a tube, Canvas Prints, Rolled canvas prints all ship from UK / Europe as long as you do not add a frame. If you add a frame or choose some of the other options then your print may ship from the USA which is expensive and incurs customs charges. Currently if you order a Framed print the 2nd & 3rd one in the list of Frames (EXL2 EXL3) only ship from the USA. All the other frames ship from Europe. But do check the shipping at checkout as things can change .

You can double check the shipping at checkout where a flag is put next to the item indicating where it is printed. And of course you will also note that if you happen to add a frame, then the USA shipping charge will be shown which will be expensive. So if you see this USA flag just remove the frame and order as a canvas or just a print rolled in a tube. 

One of the handy options on this site to save on shipping and if you want to take your print out to the Alps to your apartment, then order as a rolled print or a rolled canvas and get them framed / stretched by your local frame shop.

If you need further help then please contact Pete